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It is easy in law school to get caught up worrying about that syndicate assignment, that clerkship application, that dreaded exam. It is easy for us to focus only on what we need to know to get through each subject.

It is also easy to get wrapped up in ourselves – our future, our workload, our extracurriculars and our stress.

But what of learning from the others that populate 185 Pelham Street each week? Do we get so caught up in ourselves sometimes that we forget to take a break and listen? To take the time to think about something different, or to think about it in a different way?

We all have a short time in this world… We have the chance to do kind things and to support one another and to be conscious of our world.
Michael Kirby

As the editors of the Equal Journal 2014, we encourage you to adopt this approach to the articles on this year’s theme – “Perspective”.

To read this issue is to take the time to listen to the stories and passions of Melbourne Law School students and academics. Many of them are deeply personal in nature. All are extremely brave, expressing stories and opinions that are unique on sometimes divisive issues.

It is a narrow mind which cannot look at a subject from various points of view.” ― George Eliot. 

The topics covered in this edition include homosexuality, homophobia, discrimination, domestic violence, colonialism, suicide and animal rights. Whether these are familiar to you or things you rarely consider, we imagine it would be difficult to emerge from reading these pieces without a new and deeper understanding of people and the law.

We would like to finish with a giant shout out to our wonderful contributors, our kick-ass LSS Equality team (Sophie, Nathan, Galen, Alena, Giorgi, Liv, Matt and Rebecca) and the wider Melbourne Law School community.

We hope that we can all strive to maintain a sense of perspective in every legal and non-legal endeavour we undertake, and to support each other in the adventures and tribulations that lay ahead.

Caitlin_LouthCaitlin Louth
Equality and Social Justice Director, 2014
Alex_DworjanynAlex Dworjanyn
Equality and Social Justice Director, 2014